Moving and Packing

Helping you move and pack your items is one of the many small things that the Allsafe team can provide assistance with.

With our years of experience in the storage industry we can advise you on the best methods of packing your items ready to put into storage, including clever tips such as:

  •  Let us help you select the best sized storage unit for your needs.
  •  Plan how you will stack items into your storage unit.
  •  Ensure you pack as many items into boxes and cartons to better utilise storage space.
  •  Consider how you will move your items into storage.
  •  Plan the move, so you don't get stressed by the last minute rush!

We have a full range of boxes and packaging supplies to help you move, pack and store so much easier (click on our Boxes and Packing page for more info). Our friendly professional advice wont cost you anything, but a quick chat will help make your life a whole lot better!

If you need the assistance of a removalist to help bring your items into storage, we work in with New Zealands best. We are happy to give you the names of the companies we reccommend.

We can even arrange to send a driver out to pick up your items ourselves.

Call now and we will help make this happen for you!