Storage Unit Sizes

What size storage facilities do you need? Talk to Allsafe, the Wellington storage professionals.

UNIT SIZE      Suitable for...

1.5x1.5            household goods, documents, students, tools, smaller items
1.5x2               household goods, documents, students, tools, small bedsits
1.5x2.5            household goods, documents, students, small business, 1 bedroom apartments
1.5x3               1 bedroom apartments, students, small business
2x3                  small 2 bedroom house, small business storage
2.5x3               medium 2 bedroom house, medium business storage
3x3                  large 2 bedroom, small 3 bedroom, medium business storage
4x3                  large 3 bedroom, small 4 bedroom, medium business storage
6x3                  large 4 bedroom, vehicle, business storage
8x3                  4-5 bedroom, long vehicle, warehouse/workshop space
9x3                  5-6 bedroom, long vehicles/trailers, warehouse/workshop/depot space

Outside storage berths available for buses, caravans, shipping containers, cars, and trailers