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Spring Storage tips

Posted by on 28 September 2015 | 0 Comments

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To ensure an easy and efficient move-in experience here with us at Allsafe Self Storage, it’s always best to be prepared. We have a full line of moving and packing supplies for sale on-site at our Porirua self-storage facility, and we also have our storage truck and trailer available for free hire. In addition, to help your move go as smoothly as possible, we have provided the following checklist of storage tips. Browse over this list of helpful advice to keep your belongings safe from damage or harm during transport and storage.


  • Pack your items carefully with proper planning to avoid damage during transport or unpacking
  • Use boxes that are sturdy and in good condition in order to keep your things free from harm
  • When packing, fill boxes until they are full and pack newspaper or shredded paper to fill in any empty space
  • Don’t pack too many items into one box or they might be too heavy to lift
  • Seal boxes with packing tape to avoid any dust collecting on your belongings while in storage
  • Wrap fragile items in paper, towels or rags and pack them tightly
  • Make sure your items are dry in order to prevent mold during storage
  • Label contents of each box and make note of fragile items
  • Use bubble wrap to pack large, fragile items such as mirrors and frames
  • Take furniture apart when possible to maximize space when packing them into your storage unit
  • Use furniture covers for safety and to prevent dust collection
  • Do not store materials like gasoline, oil or cleaning supplies, which can be flammable and combustible

For more useful tips and advice call the Allsafe Self Storage team now on 0800 255 723. You can also email us on info@allsafe.co.nz or click the "Make an Enquiry" tab to the left of this screen to send them a request immediately. They will have you sorted in a few short minutes.