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Storage Tips To Make Life Easier!

Posted by on 15 February 2016 | 0 Comments

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While moving and storing might seem like a simple task, there is more to it than you might think. Most people leave thinking about storage to the last thing on their list. This often means we see stressed and rushed people, running around like headless chickens. There are a view easy tips we can offer to help make your moving and storing process easier:

Tip 1:

Make sure you visit your storage company. Not all storage facilities are the same. On the phone you will likely only be getting a price comparison. You wont know if the storage unit size you are talking about will actually fit the contents you want to store. You also wont be able to tell if you are accessing your storage unit on the ground floor, or travelling up three floors in a goods lift. The team at Allsafe Self Storage have ground floor storage units. You can drive up to the door of your unit. They also have 10 different storage unit sizes, to ensure you get the right size and the best price.

Tip 2:

Book a storage unit in advance. Don't leave it to cahnce that you will get a storage unit on the day. At Allsafe Self Storage we have over 500 storage units on site, but we constantly operate at 95% or greater occupancy. This means we wont necessarily have the size of storage unit available on the day. To avoid problems, book a unit before you need it.


Organise a way of moving your items. Moving your items into storage can also be a major headache. Not with Allsafe Self Storage. They have moving trailers and moving trucks that are free for use when moving in. This can save you huge amounts of time and money. Again, these are popular so it pays to plan and book ahead.

Call the Allsafe Self Storage team now on 0800 255 723 or email on info@allsafe.co.nz. You can also click the "Make an Enquiry" tab to the left of this screen to send them a request immediately. Brad, Michelle and the team will have you sorted in a few short minutes.